Evolving as the world changes

Straight Up 6 is a transnational consumer goods trading company headquartered in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. with offices in Mexico City, Mexico, that was founded conceptually and ideologically to develop and distribute brands in strategic markets around the World. It specializes in a wide portfolio of products including alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, confectionery, disinfectants, entertainment software, food and perfumes.

Our customers and suppliers range from tobacco companies to the World’s leading travel retailer, licensing of trademarks such as CANTINFLAS (the most beloved Mexican comedian and icon), convenience stores, the leading food and beverage distributor in Aruba, as well as unionized vendors that supply luxury items in the Mexican Free Trade Zone, serving more than 1.5 million workers through 1,500 stores with perfumes, personal care, tobacco, wines and spirits.
With a sales force of 700 sales associates in the Mexican market visiting more then 125,000 customers, we have the opportunity to develop high quality consumer goods and reach out to direct customers.

We also hold OEM contracts with facilities in Guadalajara and Mexico City to manufacture personal and homecare products.

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Provide quality and high value consumer goods to our customers, focusing on supporting our team to give the best of themselves, following the values ​​of our companies.


To be recognized as leader in consumer goods manufacturing and branded distribution company, innovating new products, trademarks and digital platforms understanding how the world is changing.


Honesty and truthfulness of accuracy of ones actions.


Embrace opportunities to improve personally and professionally.


More effective products and technologies.


Treating each other with fairness and justice.


Impulse ourselves to move forward, good is not enough.


  • SLASH®

    SLASH® 100% biodegradable, antibacterial and antiviral disinfectant, developed for the adversities that the World currently encounters, with 3 different aromas and presentations that you can use from the largest spaces to the most personal; our product eliminates 99.999% of viruses, bacterias and germ with the highest quality on the market and aromas for all tastes.

  • SLASH® Natural

    SLASH® Natural is an antibacterial disinfectant spray made from citrus extracts, glycols, propellants, organic solvents and aroma, which helps us eliminate 99.999% of viruses and bacteria on all types of surfaces. It is ideal as a complement to your disinfection and infection control program, as it can be used for personal use.


ZN is a musical app that is linked to your emotions. Listen to songs that reflect those feelings you have in the moment and let ZN be your new life partner.

Deflect is the first Mexican streaming platform with content suitable for all ages.

Find children’s content, stand up, plays, talk shows, concerts and more.

Escríbele is the platform where you can read and write about the topics that are most important to you.

A community for everyone.

SLASH® is a disinfectant-antibacterial spray that eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, fungi and viruses.